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Arkansas Dachshunds
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Our love for poodles started due to family allergies to dogs and cats. We didn’t have many options for pets. We welcomed Bailey and can’t imagine life without her. Our children will grow up knowing her attempts at wrestling with them, treating them like little puppies as she pretended to nibble their ears and necks. She is a wonderful family dog and we often joke that she thinks she is human. We continue to share this same joy with other families who may have pet dander allergies (or just love the poodle temperament and intelligence). Bailey is retired but Scarlett, our deep red Standard poodle has take over in her role in our program. In the next two years, we are expanding our breeding program and excited to start offering 4-5 litters a year.

Follow our growth on our PUP COMMUNITY Blog!

 We hope you discover love like we have as you find your Goldendoodle or Poodle puppy!

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